Become a Bartender




Get the skills, get certified and get a job as a bartender – on your own terms, at your own pace with Certified Bartender. Impress employers and friends with your new skill set, vast knowledge – and your certification!





Get Core Training

If you're motivated and want to work in a fun and exciting field as a bartender, get the product knowledge, service and skills - get core training online through the Certified Bartender® program.


Learn what you need to know to run a bar

You don’t need to know about bartending before you take the course. Program lessons and study tools will guide you through the course. Learn at your own pace and study on your own terms, when it’s convenient for you.


The Certified Bartender program is organized into highly-comprehensive lessons for each of the key concepts. Your course is delivered using the latest distance learning technologies, incorporating the most widely accepted learning principles.


Be prepared for job opportunities

With the right credentials, you can work in a bar, restaurant, hotel, cruise ship, or in a variety of positions in hospitality, dining and entertainment. These industries are always looking for talented and knowledgeable professionals.  Become a highly-talented, fun and sought-after bartender that customers love and employers want to hire!


Fast, Effective and Affordable

Most bartender training programs require two or more weeks to complete, subject to scheduling and when the school makes courses available.  Costs for these programs can range anywhere from $60 to $800 depending on the level and type of training provided.


Certified Bartender makes learning work for your schedule. As soon as you sign up, you have access to your online courses and can study at any time when it's convenient for you. The Certified Bartender Program is a high-quality self-paced online program that can be completed within two weeks - depending on your pace. That's 40 hours of learning and all of the materials you need for the course - for just under $300.


Get Started with Certified Bartender Today!

With the Certified Bartender Program, there’s no waiting for courses to become available and dragging out your learning over semesters. You can sign up for your course right away!


Employer and company-wide training packages are available for the Certified Bartender Program. For more information, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Cost: $299.95

Includes full access to all 14 course lessons and the Certification Exam.  All required textbooks are included with this program. Students may re-take the Certification Exam at no additional fee. (As a student of the Certified Bartender program you can get a discount for eTIPS training for intervention procedures. Once registered, we will provide you with the discount code offered exclusively for our students.)  Additional shipping and handling charges may apply to students outside of the contiguous United States.